Look at all this paint!!

Monday, February 22, 2010
So I just scored a bunch of paint from a good friend of mine. I love using these products because of how well they mix and spray. You can make virtually any color with this stuff and with all the kandys that I got, the possibilities are endless. I use these paints through my airbrush and my Sata miniJet paint gun. Excellent paints for making custom painted gameboys and nintendos. You can find these paints at Kustom Shop.


Turtle413 said...

What are some cheaper paint spray models??? Is this a preferred way to spray DMGs oppossed to Krylon sprays? Just wondering how to get more "bang" for my buck and have more color options.

Capcomposer said...

well most automotive paints are going to be pretty expensive. If you want to save money this is in no way better than Krylon. These Kustom Shop paints are about $200.00 for a set of 24 colors... color place spray paint is a pretty affordable product. you can get it at any big box paint store or walmart if you have one.

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